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Plated Holes
Base Board

Other products marketed by :

JBC Tools - Soldering tools

Finetech - Soldering tools

CircuitMedic - Printed circuit board and Pad repair

Weller - Soldering tools

Plato - Soldering tools

Bofa - Fume Extraction Systems for Soldering, Electronics, Printing and Mechanical Engineering

Metcal - Soldering tools

Hakko - Soldering tools

Leica - Microscopes for optical inspection

MacroScience - X-ray systems for inspection

Techspray - Chemicals and cleaners, desoldering, ESD products etc.

Almit - Soldering tools

CK Tools - Hand tools

Meech - Ionizers for ESD protection

Vermason - ESD products

Toolpack - Hand tools

Unijoint - Pipe joint system

Vision - Laser welding

OK International - Soldering tools

Deltaregis - Screwdrivers