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Plated Holes
Base Board

Base Board Repair Kits

Professional Repair Kit

Looking for a kit to do it all! This is the most complete and versatile circuit board repair kit you'll find anywhere. Includes materials to repair burns and defects in the base board and mask. Used to repair plated through holes, damaged circuits, lands, surface mount pads, and gold edge contacts. There's no better universal repair kit anywhere. It's the total package.


Base Board Repair Kit

Most types of base board damage can be repaired with this versatile repair kit including edge damage, non plated hole damage, base board surface damage and solder mask damage.


Epoxy Kit

Includes 10 packages of epoxy for repair of burns and surface defects. Includes mixing cups and mixing sticks.


Color Agents

Matching epoxy to the color of the circuit board being repaired is a simple process when you use a color agent.


Micro-Drill Systems

This unit packs a lot of precision and power into a small frame. Ideal for bench top milling, drilling, grinding, cutting or sanding. A genuine repair technician's dream.


Tech-Pro Tool Kit

Specially designed tools for the unique demands of high quality circuit board repair and rework.